Active involvement of students

The proposed project will be solved by scientific-research groups under the guidance of leading researchers, Profs. M. Cad and P. Filip, as well as two reintegrated scientists – Profs. Watanabe and Rak.

Students of accredited Bachelor, Master and PhD study programs are the focus group of this activity. We expect student’s participation inthe accredited study program Nanotechnology, and the branches Applied Physics of Materials, Environmental Protection in Industry and Environmental Engineering. Members of the research team will become leaders of graduate works. Students participating in the project solution will process the obtained results in the form of semestral works, present them in English language on regular student workshops held once a year with participation of some foreign scientists.

Students will have the opportunity to gain experience with presentation of results in foreign language and get feedback on the quality of their work. In the frame of the project solution students will also have the opportunity to travel abroad at conferences and study visits at workplaces in Japan, USA, Canada etc. Education of students through their involvement in relevant research activities will enable development of possible future collaboration with talented students and their integration into the research team in future projects.

Date of realization: 1.1.2012 – 30.6.2014