Active participationin conferences, seminars and workshops

The aim of this activity is dissemination and presentation of results acquired during project solution at selected national and international conferences, seminars and workshops.

The participation of research team members (researchers that are not a part of the realization team) in these research meetings makes possible further internationalization of research activities including especially acquiring contacts at prestigious international workplaces, possible extension of research activities, implementation in international projects and such. An important contribution of this activity is also education of individual members of the research team focused on development of abilities to present results in English language in international meetings. The participation of research team members is supposed as approximately 30 meetings.

In case of non-European conferences, where costs are higher, we suppose a participation of one research team member. Two members will participate in conferences within the EU. The highest participation in conferences is the latter years of the project solution. Namely, it will be participation in world conferences in non-European countries: annually held „Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials“ (Scottsdale, Arizona, USA), „Wear of Materials“, (Philadelphia, USA). Conferences in the EU: „Solar Chemistry and Photocatalysis“ (Portugal), International Conference on Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, annual conference „EuroNanoForum“ (EU), „European Microscopy Congress“ (London, UK), Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics and the International Quantum Electronics Conference. They will take a part also in international conferences held in Czech Republic, for example NanoOstrava. All thematic conferences were not known for future years at the time of preparation of this project proposal, and for that reason they were given in an operative range of time.

Date of realization:1.1.2012 – 30.6.2014