Creation of dynamic research team on nanotechnology base

The aim of project is the creation of a dynamic research team for the solution of actual and progressive nanotechnology issues. This idea includes R&D approaches represented by noted foreign scientists (Prof. M. Cada, Prof. P. Filip, Prof. J. Rak). Other noted foreign researcherswill beadded to the team (Prof. K. Watanabe, Dr. I. Vávra). The created group is completed by reintegrated Czech researchers (Dr. D. Legut, Dr. J. Hamrle) and by young domestic researchers and students. The research team is divided into two groups.

One group leaded by Prof.M. Cada (Dalhousie University) will be oriented on research in the fields of nanomagnetism and nanophotonics (new knowledge related to real magnetic nanostructures and nanoparticles, diagnostics by spectral ellipsometry, magnetooptics and surface plasmon resonance, new nanophotonics defected structure modelling, material and geometrical nanophotonics units design).

Second group leaded by Prof. P. Filip (SIU Carbondale) will be focused on development and application of nanomaterials on the nanocomposite base (alusilicate and metallic nanoparticles), on particles diagnostics generated by frictional processes, and nanomaterial characterization in biological samples.

A very important project proposal characteristic is active cooperation support of mentioned groups – the researchers oriented on physical diagnostics methods are implemented to bionanotechnology (SPR bionanotechnology materials diagnostics, nanomagnetism in organic materials, etc.). Vice versa Prof.Filip’sgroup will use optical and magnetooptical experimental arrangements for metallic nanoparticles study and frictional diagnostics.
The activity will be realized during all project time.

Date of realization: 1.9.2011.- 31.8.2014