Project significance

The project is highly innovative due to its international character, in the research subject of nanotechnology, its leadership by world recognized scientists, and due to the fact that its team includes foreign, returning and young local researchers. Creation of this team makes it possible for Czech researchers and VSB-TUO students to participate actively in the development of a network of important and recognized international collaborating institutions in Europe, Japan, Canada and U.S.A., and thus to visit and spend extended periods of time at these locations. As part of the project activities, recognized foreign scientists will be invited for talks and seminars for the benefit of local researchers and students. Three workshops and one conference are planned within the project whereby achieved results will be discussed on-line and compared with the state-of-the-art on the international level. These meeting will also serve as a vehicle to formulate strategic directions for the future research activities. Another important aspect of the project is to establish international committees for Ph.D. dissertation defences.

Project’s added value can summarized as follows: